Saturday , May 28 2022

Xiaomi presented a classic $ 25 clock


Xiaomi presented a classic $ 25 clock

Beijing, November 18th. Chinese company Xiaomi introduced the TwentySeventeen Ultra-Thin clock, which costs $ 25. This is the corporate press service.

It is known that the accessory is currently available for pre-orders in China. Device sales are scheduled for early next month.

According to reports, we are talking about quartz watches whose thickness is 5.5 mm. The dial is equipped with a special sapphire crystal, which is almost impossible to damage.

It is noted that hand watches are waterproof. The product is made in three colors: gold, black and silver. Experts note that the Xiaomi TwentySeventeen Ultra-Thin, due to its classic design, looks very impressive.

Previously it became known that the Xiaomi Redmi 6 smartphone can be purchased for 1199 rubles per month.

Andrey Krylov

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