Thursday , March 23 2023

A former Abu Dhabi crown ruler publishes a bold Gospel


Former Crown Prince Advisor in Abu Dhabi publishes a bold gospel, an anchor of news quoted by Arabian Radio (Russia Today), published by the former Abu Dhabi captain's advisor, publishes a bold geek, former advisor to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi . And starting with the main story, a former Abu Dhabi crown chief adviser publishes a bold Gospel.

In a rare passage, Abdul Khaliq Abdullah, a UAE political science professor and former adviser to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, wanted the Saudi authorities to soon release the Hutton Al Fassi Academy, which took place for months.

"A dear friend and a serious academic colleague, I hope to see her soon," Abdul Khaliq wrote on his Twitter account under the aegis of the Academy and the women's rights champion.

In a rare case where a public in the United Arab Emirates speaks about the arrest of female activists in Saudi Arabia, Abdul Khaliq has been strongly criticized by some Twitter users for publishing the tweet.

In June, Saudi Arabian authorities have held a number of women's rights defenders, including Fassi, without official charges.

The Kingdom has been subject to a wave of criticism from international human rights organizations. The issue of Saudi Arabian arrest activists also triggered a diplomatic crisis between Canada and the United States earlier this year.

Source: Agencies

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Source: RT Arab (Russia today)

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