Friday , March 31 2023

Al-Riyadh newspaper Amir Jazan reported on the security patrol report of the region


Amir Jazan reported on the security patrol report in the region

His royal highness, Prince Mohammed bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, governor of the Jazan region, praised the security efforts of the police and security patrols of the region during his meeting with Jazan police chief Major General Mun Munir Al-Morshedi and the Security Patrol Director, A report on Jazan police achievements last year.

Prince Mohammed bin Nasser also reported the annual Jizan security patrol report for 1439 AH.

At the meeting, Prince Salman briefed ministers on the major achievements of security patrols in the region, including the high level of arrested cars and wanted persons who hit (38.2%), drug and alcoholic catches (16) % (44.8%), which led to a decrease of 16% in the case of self-abuse and decrease in the level of aggression of money from theft, theft and theft (35.7%) and criminal communications (8, 9%) and supply assault reports with (13.3%) Activities and programs implemented and activities patrol patrols and patrol functions and security control centers and statistical security services and traffic violations and accidents and violations of order public and criminal communications.

His Excellency, Amir of the Jazan Region, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Jazan Police Director and Security Services Director and his employees in the region, as well as their sincere work in protecting the country and being firm in their pursuit this secretariat, proof of vigilance, sense of security and good management of events. They are equally efficient and responsible.

Calling Almighty God to perpetuate our homeland the blessing of security and safety under the guidance of the sage – Save God -.

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