Thursday , August 18 2022

Announcement from the Al-Beja Investment and Development Company on Correcting the Interpretation of the Payment Council's Decision to the Bright Contracts Modern Company


article clarification
introduction Correct the Complaints Board ruling.
Date of previous announcement on Saudi Bank's website (Tadawul) 1439-08-06, 2018-04-22
The subject of the previous ad Issuing an Explanatory Decision on the Complaints Board's Decision:

First of all: Oblige Al-Baha's investment and development company to pay 3 million euros to Al-Sumtah Modern Contracting Co. Ltd.

Second, the obligation of the Al-Baha Investment and Development Company to effectively release the 134-member public notary holding 50% of the total land area in Al-Murooj, located in the small Nile of the Taif government for the modern contracting Al-Smitha.

Third, require Al-Baha Investment and Development to give up Al-Shatea Modern Contracting Co. Ltd. for the entire content of the poultry project and the land on which the project holds and holds the Al-Baha Investment and Development Company.

Change in development On Monday, 27 Safar 1440H, which corresponded to November 5, 2018, the company received a report from the company's lawyer, who said the appeal against the appeal would be decided on Wednesday, November 29, 2018.
The financial impact of change not
More information This will be announced later on any fundamental evolution through the will of God, and God is the watchdog of success,

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