Thursday , August 11 2022

FilGoal | News | Al-Ahli Mission Head: Cartier's passion for training players reveals the importance of face-to-face


Al Ahli will be guest of Al Wasl on Thursday in the second half of the Arab Club Championship, and the first leg ended with a positive draw of two goals.

"Al-Wasl's face is very important, and Carteron has come up with training," he said in a radio interview with Shoubert.

"The French coach took the players who participated in the training and was mad at the game, which shows the importance of the game."

"The reception was wonderful from the United States and offered us all the comforts," he said.

Al Ahly must win or win more than two goals to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Arab Club Championship.

Al Wasl immediately announced the entrance of 25% of the stadium for Al Ahly fans.

Al Ahli seeks a victory against Al Wasl, the best form of attack or balance. Choose

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