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Hasebok in the middle of the sea. The towers will take the World Cup into the "Virgin in the foreground" scaffolding


The people we face in our lives get their position in the situations we find on our side, especially in difficult times: always looking for a friend to share the misfortunes and guide you with the right decisions and needs, while the reality is often different so you can find close people when you face a crisis in your life. This makes you ask a lot of questions about the reason behind it and perhaps your personal qualities have to answer different questions.

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According to the tower expert Maya Naji, "the seventh day," the serious and influential attitudes of people close to you are controlled by much of their personal characteristics that we can know and can predict through their own towers, Can you tell this is a joke, but if you are serious about it, you will discover that the earthly towers are more interested in their own interests than those around them, which leaves room for the existence of selfishness and the sagacity of many of its actions.

In the following lines, let's look at the top five towers we can call Dwarf Kings:


The male virgin, especially men, has a real personality, serious thinking, does not like the loss and appreciates more than anything around them. So maybe you will not find your friend when you are in a difficult situation, because at first he calculates his calculations and benefits from this help.


Aquarius is one of the most patient personalities so you can find their reactions oscillating between being with you or giving up on you, which gives space to the title of Dwarf Kings in serious situations, but after you think of Aquarius with yourself can come back to you and apologize for not being near you in your crisis.


The Capricorn Tower, especially the woman, has a very realistic personality and a combination of pessimism, not only supports your situation but encourages you to seek success.


Cancer survivors are among the most arrogant figures in their personalities, making them think about themselves and think about their own interests first. If you want to help a cancer patient, you have to convince him that it is beneficial to him. Finding the benefit of your help will never move.


At the bottom of the bull there are those who are confused with the status of their friends and their personal interest in not engaging in the problems of others they earn because of the real thinking that promotes descent on the ground and finds them away any argument.

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