Sunday , November 28 2021

Here Zahid supports Houria Farghali after her friends abandoned her


The artist here Zahid was eager to support the artist Houria Farghali after her recent statements about her health and the abandonment of a large number of friends from her during her crisis.
“Hana”, through her Instagram account, sent a message to her colleague Houria, in which she supported her, saying: “The beauty inside and out”. And through the “short stories” function (Story on Instagram) with an image of Sir Farghali.
What I did here, Zahid, was repeated by artist Sayed Ragab, who sent a message of support to Houria Farghali after her recent statements, because of her health crisis to which she had been exposed a few months ago. He posted a picture that brings them together, through his official Facebook account, and commented: “Crisis and intolerance, and you are a beautiful heart before anything else.”
In a phone call to the “Evening DMC” program, the artist, Houria Farghali, said: “I was shocked when I met the people who were with them all the time and worked with them for 10 years and stayed with them. , they didn’t stay with me … I thought they loved me “.

This is a hard lesson and I learned from it

Houria added: “I lost confidence in myself as an actress, because no one appreciated my work and work and it was hard for me. Correct people and people alone, this is a hard lesson and I learned from it.
Artist Houria Farghali explained in her statements to the media, Iman Al-Hosari: “I was Miss Egypt in 2002 and I do not want people to differentiate between my aspects before and now, and saying that God is my sufficiency and yes, the agent in all those who harass me .. I breathe now for the rest and not Taste food and lose the smell and taste ».
She indicated that she only heard congratulations on the arrival of the new year from her brother, although she received many calls while she was at the top and, suddenly, when they knew she would not work until after the operation, the nurses and those she worked with they disappeared and they all disappeared as if they were not there.

She explained that after the last surgery, she presented her series with the actress, Vivi Abdo, and comments such as “You’re ugly” and “Stay in your house, I feel” and “You stay in your house, I feel” and “Michael Jackson remains.” The mirror feels that she is not a fairy and feels that she has lost her self-confidence.
Then Houria Farghali burst into tears and said, “I’m locked in my bedroom for 10 months and I thought my friends loved me, but they didn’t.” She added: “All the people have moved away from me and the people who have been working with me for 10 years are not even thinking of picking up the phone and asking me.” “Come on, folks, I forgot when I got to the top,” she concluded, crying.

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