Monday , September 26 2022

Hind Rostom's 87 years of birth: profiles of the late artist's relationship with her father


Today, on Monday, 87 years after the birth of Hind Rostom, born on November 12, 1931, Google celebrated its birthday. The late artist has an extraordinary history in film production, participating in 90 films that became famous in the 1950s and 1960s. Next, we present the profiles of the deceased's relationship with his father, Major General Hussein Murad Rustam, who was an Egyptian police officer.

Hind Rostom says about her father, I still remember his beautiful features, his medals and his clothes. While wearing the Merry costume, he resembles the stars of the cinema, he was very moody and nervous and his visions were clear and decisive. I moved from Cairo in the province and I moved with him to many countries.

Hind Rostom reveals the aspects of her influence on her father's character through riding. She trained her at a young age. She practiced this sport throughout her life. In addition to raising dogs, Hind Rostam says, according to her memoirs I loved my whole life, at one point I had 21 dogs of different fractions. My wife and I lived with my daughter in the house, I was worried and I was afraid of them as if they were children my.

"I liked the delegation and especially its leaders, especially Mustafa al-Nahhas Pasha and Fuad Pasha Serageldin." Hind Rostom spoke of his father's influence because of his delegation, especially because he was a fanatic of the Wafd party. "My memories."

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