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"Iten Amer" shocked one of her followers that she asked her about the date of "divorce"


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"Iten Amer" shocked one of her followers that she asked "the divorce" on Thursday, November 15, 2018, quoting the site of the Egyptians.

Aiten Amer shocked one of his followers with his own Twitter account.

After telling her, "By your love, O Aiten," she asked, "Where is the divorce?" And, despite the strange question, Aiten Amer replied: "On the same day I came out, God wanted."

The interaction of the public with Aiten's response and opinions were divided between their compatibility and their error.

Atyen Amer is married to photo director Mohamed Ezz El-Arab and the latest work by Aiten Amer, a Samah character featured in the Ayop series, who had a great view during the last remaining Ramadan and attended the film "

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Source: Egyptians

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