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"Khatib in the operating room .. Call him to heal" … Masrawy


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Monday, November 19, 2018


Khaled Murtaji, a member of Al Ahly's board of directors, said Monday through its official Twitter account that surgeon Mahmoud Khatib, the president of the club, is undergoing surgery in Germany.

"Captain Mahmud al-Khatib is doing the surgery now. I invite him to heal," he said.

Khatib goes through a treatment trip to Germany that involves surgery to remove a neck tumor that presses the spinal cord, causing column pain that has beaten him for several months.

Al-Ahli announced Thursday that Al-Khatib's illness was the result of a series of medical tests that highlighted the need for urgent surgery to remove a tumor in the throat by pressing the spinal cord that caused Spinal Pain suffered months. "

"Al Khatib discovered this tumor in August last year, but he preferred not to announce it and decided to postpone surgery from time to time because of his association with the Al Ahli club's status, then with the new sponsorship contracts, has reached the final stages of the African championship. "

He added: "The doctor who treated Mahmoud Khatib warned about the risk of delayed surgery for more and decided to carry out surgery on Monday, November 19."


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