Tuesday , August 3 2021

News 24 "Health": The low incidence of AIDS among Saudis. And 97% of the infection caused by unprotected sex

imageThe health ministry confirmed on Tuesday that the incidence of AIDS among Saudis this year is 4% lower than in 2016 and 5% higher than in 2017, in which the ratio of males and females aged 15-49 years was approximately 4: 1

The incidence of unprotected sex infection accounted for approximately 97% of the total number of infections, including transmissible infection.

The Ministry aims to implement service initiatives for all segments of society at the level of primary health care, to implement counseling programs at a large number of health centers and to extend the treatment of sexually transmitted infections in all regions of the UK at primary health and hospital levels.

Community empowerment is also used to integrate AIDS control programs and modify behavior for all community members. Numerous epidemiological studies, research and surveys have been carried out to provide pathological and behavioral data and information to identify the epidemiological determinants and to track its evolution.

According to studies, unprotected sexual behaviors among young people are the main determinants of the epidemic: patients are monitored in specialized treatment centers to assess their condition and to provide the best and most modern medicines to those in need. Disposal targets.

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