Friday , September 30 2022

Saving a family of 11 people detained by the grenades


Al – Baha – Armonia – Ayed Al Rukban

Al-Aqiq province's civil defense teams today saved a family of 11 people detained by Seoul in Wadi Ashab.

Al-Baha civilian defense spokesman Colonel Jumanan bin Daes Al-Ghamdi said that at 17.22 a newspaper was declared in Wadi Asheb of the Al-Aqiq government within a family of 11 people.

He stressed in a press statement, moving the necessary teams and safety patrols and quick rescue directly to the incident and taking the family to a safe location and "all of them in good health and thank God," he said he.

Civil defense has urged citizens not to risk crossing the valleys and listening to warnings and warnings on safety patrols.

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