Wednesday , March 29 2023

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Al Ahli's first squad football team continued preparations for the match with Al Wasl in the United States on Thursday at the 16th round of the Zayed Cup Arab Championship.

Al-Ahli Marana played this morning at the Mokhtar Al-Takh Stadium in the presence of international players after the national team camp that witnessed Tunisia in the 2019 African Nations Qualifiers.

The national team of the four nations included Mohammed Al-Shennawi, Ayman Ashraf, Salah Mohsen and Marwan Mohsen, who attended Red Marines today in preparation for the match.

Ayman Ashraf, who was physically ill, did light exercise along with running around the stadium alongside the match.

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Meanwhile, Al-Ahly's midfielder, Islam Mahabar, was absent from an injury due to injury. He was injured in his ankle during his friendly match with Shabab Club on Saturday and left the field in the first half.

She is scheduled to take part in a team match tomorrow to prepare for the Al Wasl match, especially as he will participate with the team in the game.

Rami Rabia, Ali Maaloul, Junior Ajay and Mohammed Najib continued to perform their rehabilitation program. The four-wheelers took physical exercises in Gimnaziu, followed by running around the stadium.

Maalouel suffers from a rupture of the connective muscle, while Ajay was injured by a cut in the internal knee ligament, while Rabia complains of pelvic pain, while Muhammad Najib underwent surgery in the knee cartilage.

Frenchman Patrice Cartieron, the coach, tried to find a solution to the obstacles faced by the team in Al Wasl. The French team focused on Hossam Ashour and Hisham Mohammed in the middle of the pitch due to the absence of Amr Sulayy. Fathi on the list of the game team to be held on Thursday because of the injury to Mohamed Hani.

Cartieron wanted to talk with the players about the importance of Al Wasl and about the need to win in the United Arab Emirates to qualify for the quarterfinals, especially as the victory will leave the team part of the current crisis after losing the league title African champions for the Esperance team Tunisia.

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Mohammed Yousuf, the general trainer and interim director of the ball, was also assured by Team Director General Samir Adly of all the arrangements for staying in the UAE, especially since he was decided to travel Adly before Ahli mission to organize all accommodation issues,, According to the instructions of the technical staff led by Patrice Cartieron.

In the same context, Mustafa Kemal, the coach of the guards, spoke with the portrayer Mohammed al-Shennawi and asked him not to focus on many recent critics and to focus on exercises and matches just to glimpse and correct some simple errors , In his technical abilities and that he is able to protect Al-Ahly and the team.

Mustafa Kamal asked Al-Shennawi to review his mistakes in earlier times with either the national team or to learn from them and the future and be at the center of attention during the 90 minutes.

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