Friday , March 31 2023

The atmosphere of the derby is on fire


The challenge between the Jeddah poles has increased, as the derby approaches the tenth round of the professional league, the delay in setting up the meeting has led to controversy over its postponement or presentation.

Nadia Al-Ittihad and Al Ahly welcomed the decision of the Football Association to set the date of the match after the decision to postpone the Egyptian Super Saudi, between the Union and Al Ahli in Egypt, to be held on 25 November.

Nawaf al-Muqairn, president of the federation, set the derby atmosphere before the deadline after announcing the challenge, highlighting the training of his team for any of my family.

Al-Muqairn wrote on his personal account through the Twitter social network: "The big Jeddah and the captain of the Saudi club are ready for any family. The Federation will be present in time, God desires without apology."

In turn, President Ahli Majid Nafaya wanted the game to be on both ends and reflect the strength and the development of Saudi football.

"I hope the game will be a great game and will reflect the name and level of both sides and will reflect the development and strength of football in Saudi Arabia," Al Nafiie wrote on his personal Twitter page. "The promise is jewel," said al-Haili, a member of Al-Ittihad. "Saudi Ahli gave us the advantage of the derby, the promise of jewelery."

In turn, Ahmed Essam Kaaki, member of the Board of Directors of the Union, said: "The Union does not escape at any time or circumstances, ask about the owners of the escape."

The decision of the Football Association to establish the Jeddah derby was established as a rescue line for the highly criticized competition committee following its decision to postpone the derby with the new date set later.

The commission was accused of favoring Ahli's club in Jeddah at the expense of Al Ahly by postponing the match without specifying the new date so as to allow the federation to support its ranks after the winter transfer.

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