Friday , March 31 2023

"The Light of the Prophet," a poetic feast at the Taz Palace next month


On the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet, the Creative Center of Prince Taz Palace in the Cultural Fund of the Cultural Development Fund will take place on 19 November at 19.00, the creative salon of Egypt, which will host a poetry festival called "Nour the Prophet" .

The salon is composed of the poet Mohamed Ahmed Bahgat, with the artist capable of Samira Abdel Aziz, the capable artist Madiha Hamdi, and accompanied by the religious ensemble trained by Taha Al Iskandarani, which includes 30 young men and women supervised by Mahmoud Al-Tuhami.

The evening includes poems by Imam Al-Busairi, prince of poet Ahmad Shawqi and Ibn Al Khayyat, in addition to poems and praise in Muhammad Bahjat. The Al-Anshad religious school offers ten pieces of one of the most beautiful and traditional prophecies.

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