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The results of global capacity test measurement through this link


Global capacity measurement

Citizen – Riyadh

The Center has announced the results of the general paper capacity test (first period) through its website.
A measurement center stated that the results of the general capacity test can be found by entering the data recorded through the following link (here)
A general capacity test is a test that measures analytical and induction capabilities, ie it focuses on knowing the ability to learn regardless of the particular qualification of a subject. It is presented in Arabic.

The general ability test is a standardized measure for all students in the last two years of secondary education, is a fair and fair criterion for all, helping post-secondary education institutions to choose the most capable students to pursue and meet their study requirements these institutions.

The objective of the overall capacity test

The test measures the analytical and induction capacities, ie it focuses on knowing the ability to learn, regardless of the particular qualification of a subject. It is presented in Arabic language and is designed to measure the students' ability to analyze and reason and determine the student's ability to learn by measuring:

  • Ability to understand legibility.
  • Ability to perceive logical relationships.
  • Ability to solve problems based on basic mathematical concepts.
  • Ability to conclude.
  • Ability to measure.

General Capacity Test Sections
The test is divided into two parts: the verbal part and the quantitative part.

First: Verbal:

  • Reading the Understanding: Understanding reading texts and the ability to analyze them by answering questions about the content of these texts.
  • Filling in sentences: these are short, incomplete, and are based on their understanding and the outline of what you need from the sentences to form useful sentences.
  • Verbal Symmetry: His questions relate to the understanding of the relationship between a pair of words at the beginning of the question and the measurement of isotopes in the election, one of which is similar to what appeared at the beginning of the question.
  • Contextual error: questions of nature that focus on understanding the general meaning of the sentence and then identifying the word whose meaning is not in accordance with the context of the general meaning.
  • Relationship and Difference: His questions relate to understanding the relationship between the three choices and selecting different options. Or to distinguish the most relevant relationship of choice and connect them to the question.

Second: Quantity:

Includes types of math questions matched to the aptitude test (according to general secondary (scientific or literary) specialization and focuses on measuring, finalizing and solving problems and requiring simple background information.

Questions for scientific specializations are distributed roughly according to the following:

  • 36% accounting questions
  • 18% technical questions
  • 10% algebraic questions
  • 18% analytical and statistical questions
  • 18% comparative questions

Literacy tests include questions, including accounting, engineering and analysis, which are lower than in scientific disciplines.

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