Wednesday , March 29 2023

The scientific day of diabetes for doctors in the Hadhramaut Valley takes place at Siyoun


Continue the activities of the International Diabetes Day, organized by General Hospital Sayoun, which began on November 13 and will continue for 10 consecutive slogans [ السكري : المعرفة طريقة الوقاية والعلاج ] In the Directorates-General of the Hadramout Valley under the patronage of Hadramout Deputy Governor for Valley and Saharan Affairs and the Office of the Ministry of Health and Public Population in the Hadramout Valley and the Sahara Valley with the support and funding [ مصنع رفا فارما للصناعات الدوائية ] In the Hadramout Valley, and aims to spread health awareness about diabetes and prevention and treatment methods among the health and society professionals.

If the scientific day of diabetes was held on Friday evening, which was hosted by the Hall of the Social Center for the Development of Women and Children in Sayoun County for Doctors Hadramout Valley.

President of the Scientific Committee of the Diabetes Awareness and Treatment Campaign Dr. Abdullah Ali The Basm that the goal of the scientific day of diabetes is to meet physicians from various disciplines to learn about this disease and interventions and multiple skills to discuss the problem and sharing experiences around and getting to know the new diagnoses and treatment for access For a common treatment plan commensurate with reality, in addition to this meeting, it is meant to familiarize doctors with Valley to enable communication and facilitate the path for patients, highlighting during this meeting will be presented papers by many doctors in many areas about diabetes.

Dr. Hussein Ahmed Bakthir, Ms. Wadi Hadramout Valley and Health Department Directors, Hospitals and Health Institutions participated in the scientific day on diabetes, attended by the Director General of Hadramout Valley and Sahara Public Health and Population, Dr. Hani Khaled Al-Amoudi, With the following discussion:

diabetes [ التعريف والاعراض والتشخيص ] Dr. Hassan Dweida. Diabetes in pregnant women by Dr. Issa Bajbir. Skin diseases of diabetes, by Dr. / Nasser Al – Abd Al – Tamimi. Diabetic complications in the kidney, for Dr. / Saleh Salama. Diabetes Complications in Ophthalmology and Ophthalmology, by Dr. Abdullah Fallah. Dr. Mohammed Alawi Al-Aidarous. Diabetic coma, by Dr. / Hassanein Rashid bin Taleb. Treatment of oral diabetes by Dr. Mohamed Fahloum. Treatment of diabetes by injection (insulin) by Dr. / Hani Mubarak. Treatment of diabetes in pregnant women by Dr. Salem Baswad. Treatment of Diabetes in Nutrition and Diet, by Dr. / Hani Mubarak.

Sessions witnessed wide-ranging discussions by physicians who expressed their happiness for such scientific meetings that helped raise scientific knowledge and latest discoveries of diabetes medicines, thank and appreciate the leadership of General Hospital Siyoun, who will have a great impact in developing a preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic plan for diabetics. At the Hadramout valley through the exits of the scientific day.

On this scientific day, RAFA Pharma Pharmaceutical Industries supervisor Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Fahloum told the press that factory support for these activities and scientific and awareness-raising activities based on company contributions made by the factory to the general public and the fetus in particular. Also, these products according to global products are very efficient and appropriate prices.

He said that the plant will continue to be built on the community side, wanting the plant to adopt a series of activities and activities, in particular the organization of medical camps in coordination with the office of the Ministry of Public Health in the valley and the public hospital in Saiyoun, besides its contribution to the community service.

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