Tuesday , March 21 2023

UPDATE 2 Special offers on Dar Al Arkan higher than the trading price


RIAD: The Saudi capital market, Tadawul, posted two special shares Monday on Dar Al Arkan, a company with 2.35 million shares worth 21.67 million rivals.

According to Tadawul data, transactions were executed at 9.22 SAR per share, higher than the price per share traded during the session.

The share traded at 8.65 riyal and 8.29 riyals, respectively, the highest and lowest price per share.

Private transactions are orders that are executed when a seller and a buyer investor accept to trade specific securities at a fixed price in order to comply with Arabic financial market regulations in Saudi Arabia (Tadawul) and the rules and regulations issued by the CMA.

Special offers do not affect: the last price of the transaction, the highest or lowest price per share, the opening price, the closing price, the market index or the sectoral indexes.

While private transactions affect: the amount of traded shares, the value of traded shares, and the number of traded transactions.

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