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What you do not know about oral cancer. These symptoms and smoking are the most prominent causes

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Oral cancer occurs when tumors appear in the mouth, salivary glands or tonsils. In fact, smoking and alcohol are the main causes of the disease.

From a medical point of view, oral cancer is the sixth most common type of cancer in humans, but many people do not know anything about it.

In this regard, the UK "Daily Star", oral cancer indicators and symptoms, as follows:

– the presence of cuts and tumors on the surface of the tongue, on the roof of the mouth and on the cheeks and on the lips and gums.

– The ulcer around the mouth.

– Red or white spots on the mouth lining.

– Pain and difficulty in swallowing (difficulty in swallowing).

– Changes in sound.

– Unwarranted weight loss.

Bleeding or numbness in the mouth.

– Inhaling in teeth for no clear reason.

Difficulty in jaw movement.

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