Saturday , May 28 2022

159 arrests, 27 people …


National police announced on Saturday that they deployed "impressive staff" in Tivaouane for managing the Gamou 2018 security component, which will be celebrated Monday through Tuesday. The discovery is from the Director of Public Security, who is facing the press this morning in the religious city.

Commissioner Abdoulaye Diop informs that pre-gambling operations in the holy city have allowed a number of 159 people for various offenses of criminal law, the most common of which are theft, drunkenness, gambling, and illegal sale of expired products.

On the way, the public security director reveals to the press that four personal injuries and another 20 are causing material damage. No fatal accident is, for the moment, noticed on the roads of Tivaouane.

Commissioner Diop adds that 27 vehicles are, so far, confiscated and 71 "Jakarta" motorcycles immobilized. And there was a special crisis covering 500 kilos of Indian hemp.

And, in order to shorten the deadlines for intervention and bring the police closer to the population, advanced posts have been installed in different neighborhoods, the Director of Public Security said. Who adds: "The police are determined to do their utmost to reign an atmosphere of peace and quiet in Tivaouane and all the other religious cities that shelter Mawlid."

With regard to Tivaouane in particular, the policeman has clarified that there are areas that are developed as a mosque esplanade that is entirely reserved for pedestrians.

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