Saturday , August 13 2022

Back Wade in Dakar: Karim ready to land with …


Things will be more specific to Wade and we are heading for politically agitated weeks in Senegal. Indeed, if Liberal statements remain constant that Karim Wade will land in Senegal soon, many seem to ignore the real reasons that strategically delay this return.

Indeed, Dakaractu has, from well-informed sources, that Wade-son would not want to return to Dakar with his bare hand. Obviously, there is likely to be a high noise at the end of November / early December, with two judgments that would be favorable and should be done very soon.

The first decision should come from the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, who is meeting soon to hear Wadeon's complaint that he denounces his arbitrary detention. This committee, which works with NGOs (and in particular human rights organizations) to serve as a source of information, is therefore welcome to confirm the previous opinion published at this time. by the United Nations Working Party.

The other decision is expected by the ECOWAS Court of Justice, which will hear Karim Wade's appeal through his lawyer to challenge his non-registration on electoral rolls. This was in response to the ruling of the District Court that declared itself incompetent to rule on the rejection of its candidacy for the next presidential election in 2019. Indeed, the General Election Division relied on Article 131 of the Electoral Code to reject Karim's inscription on lists. This article states that "persons convicted of a criminal offense sentenced to a term of imprisonment without a suspended sentence or a suspended sentence of more than one month for one of the offenses: theft, fraud, breach of trust, drug trafficking , embezzlement and escape by civil servants, corruption, trade in influence, counterfeiting. "

At this level, the hope of winning the battle is largely due to the existence of jurisprudence in the field that has led to the rehabilitation of a victim of a foolish politician of "the same injustice" at home. The nominee of the PDS has also attached the services of United Nations and NGO experts to accompany him and verify that these rights will be violated if he were a foot in Senegal.


While Wade-son is going to be on his side, Father Wade will open another front. Indeed, after choosing to boycott the Dakar Liberal International Summit, like most of the leaders of the liberal opposition like Idrissa Seck, Abdoulaye Wade will create a "surprise" by organizing a counter-congress of the International in parallel: "the state of human rights in Senegal under Macky Sall "

This initiative should add a few leagues to the fire from the next presidential election. Case to follow …

With Dakaractu

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