Saturday , June 10 2023

Bringing cross-border migrants: Trump returns to his voice


Currently, two immigrant campers pass through Mexico to the United States and more than 5,000 soldiers have been sent to the US-Mexico border by President Donald Trump.

"If they want to grind their soldiers, as they did in the Mexican military, then the military army will defend themselves. I told them they thought it was a rifle, "he said on Thursday.

On Friday, President Trump said that rock-climbing immigrants would be arrested for a long time. "They [ les soldats américains] you do not have to shoot. What I do not want, these people are stoning. "

Donald Trump announced that 15,000 soldiers could be deployed at the border by 15 May to respond to the immigration process. He currently has 5,200 soldiers sent to the Pentagon.

The four days of the medium-term election, which will cause Congressional Republicans to lose most, the United States president continues to claim that he wants to seize the American immigration system, "The Most Desirable in the World."

He also warned the population against the Democrats who wanted to live in the caravan on a "caravan".

Donald Trump said on Thursday that his government will finalize a plan to prevent the asylum demand of illegal immigrants in the United States. US federal laws currently allow immigrants to submit such a request.

The former Democratic president of Barack Obama called on the troops to send troops to Mexico as "political maneuvers" on Friday.

Republicans "separate their brave soldiers from their families for political control over the border," he said at Miami's rally to support the election campaign for democratic candidates.

"Our armies are more deserving of men and women. We are constantly afraid to ignore the record of Republican politics," Obama said.

Still far from the US border

The two immigrant caravans are far away from the end of the trip and are still a few weeks away from the United States.

The first, gathering some 4,000 people, continued on Thursday in Juchitan, Oaxaca, southern Mexico.

The second, about 2,000 people were raised in the Guinea-Bissau state of Chiapas.

On Friday, a small caravan from El Salvador entered Mexico after crossing the Suchiate River in the southern part of the country.

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