Monday , September 26 2022

Egypt: Issa Hayatou fined 24.5 million euros


Issa Hayatou, former president of the African Football Confederation (CAF) and his former secretary-general, Hicham El Amrani, were sentenced to 500 million Egyptian pounds (approximately 24.5 million euros), they decided at the Economic Court in Cairo on November 26, 2018, according to local media. Cameroon and Morocco were tried in Egypt for signing in 2016 a contract on media rights / African football marketing with the French company Lagardère Sports.

Is this the epilogue of a judicial file that began in January 2017? On November 26, 2018, Issa Hayatou and Hicham El Amrani were fined 500 million Egyptian pounds (approximately 24.5 million euros), two years after the former president of the African Football Association (CAF) and his former Secretary General were involved by the Egyptian authorities.

Their guilty guilt? In September 2016, he sold Lagardère Sports (LSE) to managing the marketing rights and media of African football for the period 2017-2028 for a billion dollars.

The Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA) has ruled that this contract has violated the law of Egypt, where the CAF headquarters are located. The case was then sent to the Economic Court of Cairo (CAC) in March 2017, which, after several delays, opened the trial of the two former leaders in April 2018.

A contract being renegotiated

According to the Egyptian press, in the absence of Cameroon and the Moroccan, the CAC made this verdict, which probably will not be applied. The Court considers that the signing of the agreement between the CAF and the LSE does not comply with several legal principles in Egypt.

An Egyptian company, Presentation Sports (PS), has particularly tried to compete with Lagardère in 2016. The PS felt it was not held under any auction. He was strongly opposed to the former leadership of the African Football Confederation, pointing out that he entered exclusive negotiations with the LSE in June 2015.

In April 2017, Ahmad Ahmad, the CAF chief honestly, after defeating Issa Hayatou, criticized the agreement himself adopted by his predecessor and former adversary. Madagascar then obtained CAF and Lagardère renegotiating the ratified treaty on September 28, 2016.

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