Monday , June 27 2022

Exploitation du Zircon: in France with connivance with Camp NON


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Ces accusations survienant at the time of the construction of the warehouse of Kabadio, which is located at the prefecture of Kataba, is a bloquerer of the Dakar par enterprise in the construction of infrastructure.

At Astron, it is the responsibility of the staff of the company to ensure that they do not comprehend the obstacles to the blockage of the authorities. There is a situation in which the monument has a reputation as a representative of the Senegal and the villages of Kabadio. Ils ont thé à boulets rouges contre toute personale qui s'oppose à l'intérêt des populations et même au non respect de desision pris par les autorités compétentes du pays.


Ibrahima Diaw, a responsible national of Astron, who was responsible for the environmental impact of the mining situation in the Niaffourang region, and has been at the forefront of the quorum of staff who have been involved in the work of the Managers pour les conduire à s'opposer contre l'exploitation de la manière.


The President of France, car, en l'en croire, said: "What is the outcome of the civilian front of Bignona and he is invited to a workshop, which is not the author of the parler against forms of opposition to exploitation. Monsieur Diaw, a representative of the Australienne au Sénégal parle de manipulation de la coopération française derrière le civile de Bignona, pour juste bloqué le projet, chose qu'il déplore. Suivez l'intégralité de la vidéo sur la position de la France dans cette affaire d'exploitation du Zircon dans le Niaffourang.


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