Tuesday , January 31 2023

FC Barcelona is thinking of selling Malcom!


Ten appearances with FC Barcelona. It is expensive to play for the Malcolm Catalan club. Surprisingly last summer, the 21-year-old Brazilian landed a 40 million-euro check (the Spanish media recounted 42 million euros) playing a bad trick for AS Roma who believed they had finished the file. But for the former Bordeaux, nothing is happening as expected, because it does not appear in Ernesto Valverde's small works. Disappointed with his playing time, but supported by his partners, who praise his involvement in training, Malcom is only entitled to strips (the King Cup matches, the latest entries in the game). Until the premature departure of the Catalan club?

The question arises as to the progress made by sport this Thursday. Indeed, the Iberian newspaper explains that Guangzhou will return to the tax with a new offer. Come back because he attacked a few weeks ago. During a meeting with Barça leadership, club leaders led by Fabio Cannavaro made a first proposal of 50 million euros for Malcom. Impressed by Barça.

The Catalan leaders are confident that Guangzhou will return with a superior offer. Therefore, they are less categorical about the Brazilian future. Because Valverde is about to continue adventure on the edge and since he has too little confidence in this player, is not this a satisfactory solution to get a nice added value? In the minds of Barcelona's decision makers, Malcom looks more like a bargaining chip than a key player, because he was even proposed to Chelsea hoping to recover Willian. Without success. Knowing that the Chinese market closes on February 28, Guangzhou can reasonably hope to sell Barça on this issue.

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