Sunday , May 29 2022

Fighting awakening. Confrontation! (de Moustapha Dieng)


New political figures appear throughout the world. In Brazil, the new president, Bolsonaro, was credited with 4% of the votes for one year of elections. Remember Donald Trump's mockery when he announced his candidacy for Republican mayors. I'm not discussing their respective speeches. We can also talk about the election of the Gambian people to Adama Barrow, a surprising thing.

For all those who have passed the 35,000 votes of Ndawu askan and the 2017 parliamentary elections, I think it is best to look for other arguments to criticize Ousmane Sonko's candidacy. Certainly, the last electoral barometer is none other than the legislative elections of July 2017. However, the results of this election of shame remain very little representative of political reality, given the evident insincerity and turmoil that have been marked throughout the territory.

I'm not in the camp of those who think Senegal is, absolutely, resistant to political change, in a good way, of course. Senegal's policy is not strange or special. We have become accustomed to mediocrity and disappointment. The radical change that has hit other countries in the world can really affect Senegal. We do not just want that, we want it. The people of Senegalese need a radical change, a new speech, a real revolution, and no concession. Ousmane Sonko embodies this. It is a political reality, not an offense to the supporters of the status quo and the hypocrites of neo-colonialism. Ousmane Sonko showed courage, science (through unprecedented intellectual production among politicians: two books in three years), a sincere gift of self, a relentless denunciation of the political and economic excesses of the various political regimes. He is the only Senegalese politician, the only one who dares to address the fundamental issues of importance: CFA, secularism, renegotiation of mining agreements and gas companies, EPA, national preference, tax gaps in the frontier, in the interest and exclusive interest of the Senegalese people , in short the dignity and sovereignty of the Senegalese people.

His inaction reveals, at most, that we must deal with a diabolical system whose guarantee of survival, from the formal independence of 1960, finds its choice in negligence, unconscious resignation and, to be sure, the complicity of many of our fellow citizens. The struggle for the national awakening of Ousmane Sonko, the Pastef Party, as well as all those who fully support the ideology of a Senegal worthy and proud, created a general panic in political, economic and political mediocrity. religious ".

By engaging in politics, Ousmane Sonko knows what to expect. The system will not give her a gift. The campaign of denigration against him reminds me of the words of the scholar Cheikh Anta DIOP: " What I have not heard alive. All sorts of slander … I've heard all kinds of arguments except the good one: what it means to talk to me on a scientific field … and I expect them and they smile. On our part, it is our duty to let the supporters of the "smaller Senegal" know that the conscious and uninhibited youth is and will be there to bring the constructive response to the slavery of the unconditional defamers.

A big brother told me he would surely recognize that, before September 16, the turbulent and bad dictatorship had already made a plan to reject Ousmane Sonko's candidacy. Whatever he saw, he seems to have retired. Maybe to better jump say? In any case, too bad for them and the better for civil peace!

Moustapha DIENG

Lawyer in energy law

[email protected]

Pastef Aix-en-Provence

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