Friday , March 5 2021

Guinea under high tension: guilty silence of states in sub-region … Senegal over demographic destabilization … Dalein Diallo in danger!


Deadly deaths … riots all over the place … buzzing generalized by a determined opposition to the struggle with the power … here is the scene that prevails in Guinea today.

And in front of a decidedly determined Alpha Condé to suppress the demonstrations of the opposition, there is now a visible Dialel Dialino Cellou determined to go to the end of his struggle. The opposition leader has indeed advanced to a certain extent, deciding to exercise his right to properly demonstrate in the Constitution. He argued and promised not to make any concessions on the political agreement that preceded the local and local elections. An agreement that was interrupted especially in Kindia.

While the rest of Africa, especially the subregional countries, are silent, as well as the ICC, Human Rights and the famous "International Community, Guinea is heading directly to the chaos that could lead to genocide. Indeed, beyond the issue of political power, there is a rivalry between well-armed Malinke, because it stands on the military and the unarmed, which represents the largest part of the opposition. , a source in Dakaractu is clear about this: "If, unfortunately, it happened irreparably, the country could go into generalized violence. "

Already, it is remarked that demonstrations of spiritual repression have ended to make many victims on both sides, but especially those of the opposition, as shown by Dakaractu's photographs in an earlier publication, the example of a policeman on the ground and Peulh's killed violently).


The victim of its geographical link with Guinea, Senegal is now immune to demographic destabilization. Indeed, with the imminence of an open conflict because there is now an absolute ethnic divide, we should be prepared for the possibility of receiving between 3.4 and 5 million Guinean refugees. Thus, despite the debt of non-intervention in the affairs of a sovereign state, solutions must be created for Guinea to regain peace and tranquility.

Situation to follow closely … (Dakaractu)

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