Monday , March 20 2023

her mother shocked, her uncle thinks the worst


On Friday, in Malicounda, in the M’bour department, a Koranic recital is organized at Diary Sow, the best student in Senegal who disappeared in France for almost a week. When questioned, her mother, overwhelmed with concern, could not comment.

However, she suggested to Rfm (private radio) that she could not speak to the press at this time.

Uncle Jurnal Sow, sitting next to him, said, in turn, that they had no other information: ” I just found out she’s gone. It’s a kidnapping or a run, we don’t know. We think about the worst, but hey … ».

A 2nd year student of a preparatory science class at the Lycée Louis Le Grand in Paris (France), Diary Sow is missing. He did not resume classes at the beginning of the Christmas holidays, which is 5 days today.

As a reminder, after his mention in Très Bien in Bac 2019, Diary Sow left to continue his studies at Louis Le Grand in Paris. She also published her first novel, “Under the Face of an Angel.”

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