Sunday , September 25 2022

How to lose weight without dieting? Here's a solution



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To lose weight, an Australian nutritionist advises you not to give up your favorite meals but to replace them with other recipes that are also beneficial to your health.

Australian nutritionist Jessica Sepel has proposed alternatives to popular foods that are full of calories, the British daily The Daily Mail reported.

First, it recommends replacing the traditional cauliflower pizza base. Then, instead of high-calorie pasta made from flour, the Australian offers to use finely chopped pumpkins, as well as pasta made from peas, quinoa, red beans or rice.

In addition, according to Jessica Sepel, almond milk with cocoa could replace hot chocolate and serve as an ideal drink before sleep.

Eventually, the nutritionist shared an ice cream recipe that would be beneficial to health. Frozen bananas, almond milk, sea salt, cinnamon and maple syrup are mixed in a blender until the consistency becomes similar to that of the ice cream. .

In conclusion, Jessica Sepel pointed out that cash tokens would be a good alternative to products purchased for those who want to lose weight. And since alcohol also affects body mass, for wine lovers, it recommends the choice of organic wines instead of those produced for the massive market.

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