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"I felt really bad when I left AS Monaco"


Abdou Aziz Thiam did not have time. Past by Mantes-la-Jolie, he joined the Clairefontaine INF team at age 12. A member of the 97th generation, he made his classes with Allan Saint-Maximin, Amine Harit, or Florian Ayé. An impeccable run that led him to AS Monaco, where he had already signed an NSA contract at the age of 11. "When I was 15, I went to the training center in Monaco. I started with an aspiring contract, and then, two years later, I signed my first three-year contract," he says. An excellent start for this early talent, which has always been a step forward. "In 2014, I joined the professional group, it was a dream come true, behind me I had Luis Campos, then sports director and Leonardo Jardim, who just arrived." Some opposed my integration into the group After several sessions and with the vision of the services provided, the opponents had no choice but to go to the tests. "He began the summer recovery, and the coach told me," I think we will make you play more matches this year " Here I started my little epic to professionals, I made my first appearances in the Ligue 1 group and the Champions League. "
The residents of the Louis II Stadium also had a small idea behind the head. "I was asked to do well to be very expensive to sell, bring a big profit." It was the club's plan for me, "It was" Thiam we take it out and sell it with love. "But this plan did not go as it was planned for Thiam as for Monaco. "Eventually, everything happened. I've seen too many things too fast. I was young, I was 17 years old, I made the first appearance in the pro group in Paris. When the coach told me I had to go back ten minutes from the end, with the appearance of the match being dead, I could not. There were a few matches where, during the week, the coach promised me to play and when the weekend arrived it was not the case. I could meet in the stands in CFA. It was a world between what had been told and what had happened to me. I did not feel betrayed, because Jardim spoke to me very much. And Luis Campos. The club entrusted me (…) At first I accepted all this. But I wanted to play, because I felt ready. And I got cracked.
Thiam assumes his mistakes
He says, "My behavior has started to deteriorate a bit. I started out, I was late when I was the youngest in the group, so I did not like it too much, I did a little bit as I wanted. Thiam took all the mistakes. "On this, I really think I did not know how to stay patient. I wanted everything too fast, because it is true that they showed me things, they told me things too quickly. I did everything in misery. But he is not alone in being responsible. ASM management, which probably did not have to expose it so fast, was not perfect. "I think there was this mistake too, Monaco knows this, and when I finished with them, they knew they lost something, they did not agree, it was also their fault." At that time, it was necessary to managing the pressure in Monaco, but also being very respectful. Because the talented midfielder did not lack the contenders. Arsenal, Manchester City, Stoke City, Fiorentina and AC Milan were very interested.
A situation she had very well to do at the time. "It was not that difficult at first It was this euphoria It started with the Youth League games, where I showed up, where more clubs started to look in. I felt ready to play with the professionals, I did not measure This was a negligence but no club jumped on the occasion when the player ended his contract with Monaco A divorce tries to listen to him "I canceled my contract in Monaco in September 2016. The next transfer window , I joined Perugia in Italy. I signed everything, I put everything in place, brought my stuff. Finally, I decided to leave because I think Monaco was still in my head. There was too much change in size. So we have not started from ASM yet and I went to Serie B when it was a good project. At 19, I was offered the opportunity to play in the second division of Italy. But I did not measure that at that moment and I decided to leave. I had a bad start at AS Monaco. It's the club that trained me. My departure hurt me a little, even if I made the decision.
Start again and find the elite as soon as possible
A decision that the much more mature player today regret a little. "Today, considering the team, I'm saying I should have been waiting, I should have been patient." Disappointed, he chose not to play football for two years, while several clubs were ready to expand his hand (Strasbourg, a Belgian club, Oldham, Anzhi). "After Perugia, I stopped football, I burned, I needed a little time, I let it go and I waited … I went home and told myself I was going to put the football on Then when I became a father, I clicked in. Since I can only play football, I recovered, I wanted to go back, to return what belonged to me, I made a great effort to resume it I have signed in CFA 2 in Pacy-sur-Eure, and I started playing games a month and a half ago, in three games in the league, I scored two goals. lost my pleasure to play in the end I find him today starting from the bottom I'm back to the point I missed the football I'm telling myself that I have lost time letting these two years pass … "
And he hopes he'll make up for the lost time that could count on his family, his wife and a few friends, including Enock Kwateng in his difficult time. "I decided to do this to see what I deserved and try to get back to the elite as soon as possible. My objective is to go as quickly as possible and go back to the elite!" The real Hub who says he "likes to play and win the team" does not want to repeat the same mistakes and wants to have a new chance, which is not always easy in France. a great pride to sign pro with AS Monaco, my training club. This is a new step and I hope this is just the beginning, "Thiam said. I like when everything goes faster. I want to make it. Four years later, the native of Mantes-la-Jolie became another player and another man. A person who lives his passion day after day. "Between this contract and today, four years ago I'm more mature I think it's best to go step by step The mistakes, if I restore them, is that I did not understand anything. 21 years old, Abdou Aziz Thiam has more time to live his dream.

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