Saturday , October 1 2022

Jackie Chan's daughter married Canadian Andi Autumn (video)



Etta Ngn, the only daughter of the famous Chinese actor Jackie Chan, announced on Monday, November 26, 2018, that she married his girlfriend, Canadian autumn Andi.

Through their instagram account, with a photo of the marriage certificate in support, the two young women, 19 and 31, respectively, officially announced the news.
According to the official document, the union was held in Canada on November 8th. But, according to several media, the brides would be in Hong Kong, where Etta is native. The latter would also have shared the happy event with Weibo, the Chinese twitter equivalent.

Born on January 18, 1999, Etta is Jackie Chan's only daughter, whose famous actor was lucky to have resulted in an extramarital affair of the martial arts star with the actress and ex-Queen of beauty Elaine Ng Yi Lei.
All alone, the latter raised Etta. Several sources indicate that their relationship has tended in recent years and would not be too common today. As for the relationship between Etta and Autumn, it dates back to February 2017, shortly after Etta's arrival in Canada.
The couple made headlines in April last year by displaying a video on YouTube in which both claimed they had become homeless, "Because of their homophobic parents".

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