Monday , September 26 2022

Landerneau BD 2018 price at the "Golden Age"


Created six years ago by E. Leclerc, the Landerneau BD 2018 was awarded to designer Cyril Pedrosa and co-writer and co-writer Roxanne Moreil for "The Golden Age" (Dupuis / Aire Libre). Story: Tilde is preparing to take his throne to succeed his dead father, leaving a kingdom overwhelmed by the lack and inadequacy of the court rulers. But a plot led by her younger brother condemns her to exile. Behind strange signs, Tilda decides to claim his kingdom with the support of wise Tankred and believer Bertil. Their fate will be related to a legendary "Golden Age," whose power is so great that it will change the world. Launched in September, the album is also underway for the ACBD Critics Award, which will be released on December 10th.
The Landerneau BD prize is 6,000 euros, and the winner's book is highlighted in E. Leclerc's network of cultural spaces. Nine other albums were on the final list in the competition.
The 2017 Prize was awarded to Philippe Valette for "Jean Doux and the Mind of the Soft Disc" (Delcourt).

- Landerneau BD 2018 Award: ten albums in the game

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