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Meghan Markle, the "bad guys" he expected: from his bad character to confrontations with his sister-in-law – Media Critik Blog Actu


Six months. This is the moment when Meghan Markle's romance with public opinion lasts. The Duchess of Sussex is no longer so beloved, and the British tabloids have, in theory, seen the despotic character as the best source for their titles.

But what did Markle do from heroin to bastard in this story?

His relationship was confirmed by Prince Harry with a statement requesting media coverage of the actress "Costumes". Mulata, divorced, American, saw many in her breath of clean air that the British royal family needed, as well as the ideal woman to complete this group of "fantastic four", formed by the duke of Sussex and Cambridge.

His marriage was a fairy tale and Markle won the sympathy of many with his nearness, as well as the compassion of others for his paternal family attacks, including the embarrassment with his father, Thomas Markle, for pact some paparazzi photos in front of the link. Meghan was alone in the UK, Meghan was still with Prince Harry, staring at each other with adoration, and announcing the pregnancy a month ago was the perfect note. And the end of his romance with the press.

The first blow to his image was the resignation of Melissa, his personal adviser, after six months of office. A resignation in addition to that of Samantha Cohen, the private secretary of the couple and the confidante of Isabelle II for two decades, and that of Edward Lane Fox, Prince Harry's right man in 2013. Faced with a such an outburst of Blood, the English media began to publish information about Markle's evil temperament, which he said was behaving "as a diva" from his marriage. Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, a former actress actress, said the young duchess is "delicate and selective" in her personal treatment and needs all the attention when she comes to them. needs.

As it stands at five o'clock in the morning, according to the Daily Mail, everything must be done in Markle's way. His character is such that he has already won the name "Hurricane Meghan" at the service of the house and left a good test when he chose the wedding. According to the biographer Robert Jobson, Prince Harry has ordered that his fiancé's wishes should always be respected in all aspects of the relationship. However, when Meghan wanted to wear an emerald diamond, Elizabeth II arrested her nephew: "He can not always get rid of her. He will wear the tiara I give him.

Bad relationship

This week, it was announced that by 2019 the Duke of Sussex would leave Kensington Palace and move to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. A farm in which Wallis Simpson, the woman who abdicated Edward VIII in 1936, lived so that the parallels between the Duke of Windsor and Meghan Markle only grew. A change of residence that would be motivated by Markle's opinion in the London Palace, which he considers a "golden cage," but also by his recent clashes with Catherine de Cambridge.

"Kate and Meghan are very different, they do not get along well and this has repercussions on their spouses," say sources from the palace to media such as "The Sun". It is said that some of the sister conflicts come from the way Markle treats his employees with arrogance, much more than Catherine.

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