Monday , September 26 2022

Monaco-PSG, a parody of the match – League One


HUMEUR – Nothing, nothing can be saved from this friendly match between Monaco and Paris (0-4).


Infamy, joke, eye atrophy: so would Monaco-PSG (0-4). Nothing to save, nothing to remember, nothing to analyze. Go on, look good, there is the triple Edinson Cavani, confirming the potential of Moussa Diaby in Paris. And … two of us injured by the Monegasque. The mischief does not leave Thierry Henry and him, with more than a dozen absent players injured or suspended at the kickoff. And there is accounting: Paris continues without flaw (13 wins in 13 days), while Monaco, 19 with 7 points, before the red flashlight Guingampaise just the gap gap.

Monaco, nothing

For the rest, I saw young Monegascuti without gratitude or envy, too respecting the stars in Paris, quickly resigned. It should be said that in the 11th minute Edinson Cavani has already entered the match, double (4 and 11). Soon a triple (53). But neither the difference that separates the two teams – what a tragedy when we think back to the ASM Champion of France in 2017 – and this quick break does not excuse the similar benefit.

And in front, the Parisians had neither the desire nor the urge to accelerate, we would be witnessing an authentic parody of the game. A training for the French champions, nothing more. And again, some sessions are probably more intense than that … If he wanted to humble his guests, he would just have to look. 7, 8, 9, 10 goals? Why not? There was nothing in the face. And especially not directors to guide young teammates like Radamel Falcao.

VAR, the other star of the game

To complete the image of this game, a bit unreal has seen the sadness of Louis II – it is no surprise, but a few days after the volcano in Naples, there is a shock anyway – there is VAR. Of course, the video has always been used effectively to validate Cavani's goals, then to cancel those of Julian Draxler and Kylian Mbappé. But two things. First, "what is long," as Thierry Henry says. And inevitably, it breaks the rhythm, the emotion, the thread of the match. And given the content, we did not need it anymore … Secondly, the assistant referees also have the right to take the right decisions right away. On the first two goals of Cavani, we could have done without video.


In short, this strange, bizarre and naked match will not stay in the anal. That's for sure. Just remember what we do not want to see. Vacuum on crampons for 90 minutes. Not to mention that advertising for Ligue 1 is not very attractive … Fortunately, Mr Buquet had a good idea to whistle in the 90th minute, taking into account the playing time.

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