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Politics and sport are offered daily to Beninois


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05.11.2018 at 11:18
APA News

The Benin newspapers, published Monday, deal with political news and the launch of renovation works at the Friendship Stadium "The Next Elections – Full Rally in the Blocks of the Presidential Movement," reports the Nation.

For North Sud Quotidien, due to "partisan system reform, several formations adhere to Talon's vision," indicating that if the parties of the movement meet to block, the opposition also decided to make it heard.

"Ruling Governance: the 7 Talon's Challenges", notes the Précis event, which explains that before the media, these opposition formations and political movements were pronounced in national news and say they want to restore democracy and the rule of law in Benin.

In this regard, the Nation believes that "the opposition gives voice".

Referring to the renovation of the Friendship Stadium, L 'Autre Vision writes: "The renovation of the General Stadium Mathieu Kérékou goes into its active phase." According to the newspaper, by November 2020, Benin will have a modern stadium that meets the international standards demanded by FIFA.

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