Tuesday , May 18 2021

Qatar Airways is interested in replacing Emirates on the PSG jersey


ARTP makes available to the public:

1. A green number: 800 200 200

This free number is intended for mobile and internet users from Popenguine during the 2013 pillar. to enable them to take advantage of ARTP in case of malfunctions or disruptions of Orange, Tigo or Expresso network operators.

You can call 800 200 200 for free if you experience the following issues:

  • Difficulties in making or receiving calls
  • Difficulty sending or receiving SMS
  • Difficulties in accessing the Internet from your mobile phone or Internet key
  • communications cuttings;
  • or any other malfunction or disruption found on mobile networks.

For any other complaint (commercial issues, recharge card, billing, call barring, etc.), contact your customer support department.

number 800 200 200 will be operational from Saturday 18 May 2013 from 00h to Monday 20th May 2013 2013 at 23h59mns.

2. A technical team of ARTP will also be permanently present in the Popenguine:

In order to ensure the quality of the services offered by Orange, Tigo and Expresso, the ARTP team will periodically perform qualitative tests in Popenguine and its surroundings and will be in constant contact with operators to ensure that they have the right solutions if disturbances are observed.

ARTP wants a good Marian pilgrimage to the Catholic community.

Abu Lo, general manager

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