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Senegal WB portfolio is estimated at CFA 977 billion


The areas covered by this cooperation focus on agriculture, health, education, youth employment, skills development, gender, social protection, energy, transport and education. These are still important levers to pull Senegal out, explained Amadou Ba, who was talking about presenting a joint review of the World Bank's operations portfolio in Senegal.

Continuing, he said that the various portfolios projects have achieved satisfactory execution rates in recent years due to strict monitoring by the effective involvement of WB teams by organizing missions. joint supervision, advice and better use of audit reports and, on the other hand, the use of the electronic payment system (Client Connexion), which shortens the payment deadlines.

Similarly, he added, the delays that have been complaining a few years ago in investigating market files have improved significantly with the substantial increase by your institution, the a priori revision thresholds and the elimination of double verification for markets with a certain threshold.

In addition, the Finance Minister reported that the implementation of World Bank-funded projects contributed significantly to the good behavior of macroeconomic aggregates in 2018, with a projected GDP growth of 7.0% and that of 2019 6, 9% due to the performance of the agricultural sector, recovery of the industrial sector and consolidation of service dynamics.

However, Amadou Ba said, the budget deficit suffered a slight deterioration due, among other things, to the rise in oil prices, which rose from 362.2 billion (3.0% of GDP) in 2017 to 475.2 billion (3.5% of GDP) in 2018.

However, in order to be inclusive and sustainable, GDP growth must be more job-generating, especially for younger generations, and act within a rigorous governance framework and allocation of public resources, said he. .

Therefore, the revival and diversification of the country's growth factors requires better synergy between training provision and the labor market, and creating a favorable environment for private investment that generates jobs and income, he concluded.

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