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Tahitian airports: the foundation stone of 2 million passengers crossed in 2018


Tahiti Airport (ADT) hosted last year 2.03 million passengers to airports Papeete. Bora Bora. Raiatea and Rangiroa, particularly a 7.9% increase in traffic to Faaa

By 2018 the end is coming an exceptional year "ADT says in a statement issued on January 16, 2019, highlighting the 7.9 percent increase in traffic Papeete Faa'a with 1,390,388 passengers treated on arrival and departure, ie 101,516 passengers in addition to 2017. Of the four ADT-managed platforms, the two million passengers, with 2,039,935 customers, welcomed.

international traffic has progressed 10.4% last year, 63,777 passengers were registered in Tahiti, with only 17% increase in the last quarter, or 25,798 additional passengers (+ 15.1% in October, + 20.3% and +15, 8% in December). A record of the "easy to predict" affluence according to ADT with the arrival of the airline United States of America October 30 at Papeete, the "full effect" of flights low cost French from Paris via San Francisco, and the second weekly frequency of Hawaiian Airlines Since October. Chessboard of international companies has changed significantly this year 2018, which will be a transition year in a market from 7 to 9 players – Tell the manager. The set order remains, with Air Tahiti Nui (58.2% of the total) before Air France (11.7%) and Air New Zealand (9.1%), even if they were new carving a respectable part of the cake ": French beef is already 4th (8.2%) just before Hawaiian Airlines (4.4%), while United Airlines (1.6%) " he did not have time to take his place In two months, but it is positioned not far LATAM Airlines (3.3%) and Aircalin (3.0%). On international flights, Air Tahiti represents only 0.5% of the market. Compared to 2017, Air Tahiti Nui sold only 7.4 points and Air France 1.8 points.

ADP also notes that the last two months of 2018 " can be considered as precursors of what should be 2019 in terms of international market shares, as the forces involved are now stabilized, at least for a while. ". With the annualization of the United Airlines line in San Francisco, the seat offer was further developed to the US, and the configuration of these lines is expected to evolve a little ". The manager anticipates that airlines will " respect 2019 And make the accounts before making any adjustments. In November and December, ADT notes the majors' market shares balance "And thisAir Tahiti Nui remains in a strong position given the number and variety of lines they operate (not to mention that the gradual renewal of its fleet will allow it to fight more effectively against new entrants who already have Airbus A350 or Boeing 787 Dreamliner). Papeete-Faa should exceed 1.4 million passengers this year.

On internal traffic, ADT notes a less sustained pace, with an increase in domestic traffic of half the international traffic (+ 5.6% in Papeete-Faa'a). He is probable That Bee's French passenger behavior is significantly different from ordinary Polish visitors to receive, " perhaps less focused on VFR (Family and Friends Visits) The impact of United Airlines companies should, however, correct this trend in 2019, says the manager for whom US clientele " should focus more classically on islands in general and on Bora Bora in particular ". Air Tahiti remains the first airport customer in Papeete with over 704,000 passengers in 2018, but ADT also highlights the strong growthAir Tetiaroa which has exceeded the threshold of 10,000 (+ 19%)

airports Bora Bora and Raiatera shows growth rates in line with what is seen in Papeete's internal traffic with + 5.4% and 4.8%, respectively. "Always very dynamic in 2017," Rangiroa continues the flight with over 7 700 additional passengers last year (+ 9.2%), which the manager describes as " the considerable influx of the Tuamotu atoll, which is not unusual to observe a saturation of tourist accommodation, especially in the peak season ".

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