Friday , January 27 2023

The first statement by Barthélémy Dias after the results of the Constitutional Council


Following the temporary invalidation of candidate Khalifa Sall, the mayor of Mermoz / Sacré-Coeur reacted in this video that touched us.
"We do not play and we will take part in the presidential election on February 24. No one can prevent us from attending." The 7 members of the Constitutional Council released a provisional list, but that does not involve us, if it confirms the invalidation of Khalifa Sall's candidacy, he will only be responsible for what will happen in the country.
We are not left and we will not be back because Senegal belongs to us. We will do everything to show Senegal the true face of President of the Constitutional Council, Pope Omar Sakho, so if tomorrow Senegal goes into chaos, people will know who is the only responsible … "

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