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The relatives of Khalifa Sall suspect the "desire" for the scrapping process


"Never before in the judicial history of our country, the Supreme Court of Justice will review the appeal less than a month after filing the files and other replies of the parties. In addition, there is nothing to justify the fact that this file is singularly extirpated to be emptied before the hundreds of cases in court, often before the court, "explained this coalition led by former Dakar mayor, incarcerated in March 2017, accused of deflecting the last public in Dakar administration in 2009.

Khalifa Sall, who was dismissed on May 31 by mayor Dakar by a presidential decree, is a candidate declared in the Senegalese presidential election, whose first round is scheduled for February 24, 2019.

On August 30, the president of the Dakar Court of Appeal upheld the first-instance ruling, issued five months earlier by the Dakar Criminal Court, and sentenced Khalifa Sall to five years in prison.

The appeal also added 5 million CFAF fines imposed in the first judgment, particularly CFAF 1.830 billion. An amount that Kalifa Sall and his co-defendants now have to pay to the Senegalese.

"Clearly, Khalifa Ababacar Sall has to give up his candidacy, otherwise the trial before the Supreme Court will be scheduled to be finally convicted before the candidacy for the presidential election," the heads of the former mayor of Dakar said.

"In any case, we will never accept that the judicial agenda is modeled on the electoral calendar and that the trial before the Supreme Court is turned into a round of elimination of the presidential elections of February 24, 2019," the Coalition Coalition Coalition added.

Moreover, "we also ask religious authorities, civil society organizations and diplomatic representations about this desire for justice that nothing justifies, unless confirming that the proceedings against Khalifa Ababacar SALL is a purely political case, and executed by justice to order.

Similarly, the "Magistrates' Union of Senegal", and by this, all magistrates are being challenged and invites them to refuse that the Supreme Court judges perform their duties with the obvious aim of helping Macky Sall to eliminate a political adversary, "continued Khalifa's comrades Sall.

"The Supreme Court is not a polling station, and its judges must not remove a candidate for the presidential election," Khalifa Sall's coalition said.

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