Saturday , July 31 2021

Vinicius joins Casillas in the history of Merengue

Winning the Caen victory on Saturday, the Rennais stadium kicks off in Ukraine on Thursday (18h55) on Dynamo Kiev, a decisive week with the European future and the regional supremacy in the game.

Saturday night, when Rennais left Caen, there were smiles on his faces. Hard after defeating home against Reims (0-2) at the end of October, players from Sabri Lamouchi absolutely necessary to win to avoid sinking into the league. Something different and more needy. This is not to not enjoy the coach Rennes. "I have seen things that have attracted me tonight: the combativeness, the fundamentals we have lost, values ​​that I think I like," said the former midfielder at a press conference, before diving in preparation for moving to Kiev in the Europa League.

Rennes never linked this season

A dangerous journey to the other end of Europe, facing the biggest opponent of this group. Especially because he leaves no choice but Breton to win. Because with three points on the first leg, Stade Rennais has to advance quickly in the rankings to give her the chance to win the 16th round. Otherwise, this comeback to the European scene would leave a tangled taste to Rennes fans, full of ambition at the time of draw. "All the problems are not solved, but we are on the right track," said Olivier Létang to our colleagues from Ouest-France last week. President Rennes knows what he is talking about when he says everything is not resolved. Since the start of the season, his players have never managed to make two victories in all competitions.

This week, with the matches against Dynamo Kiev and against Nantes, the moment would be well chosen to change the bad habits of the 2018-19 era. "We have another important week with a trip to Ukraine and a derby that matters a lot for our supporters at home." It was quick to prevent Sabri Lamouchi from leaving Caen on Saturday. Even though Olivier Létang does not stop to renew his public confidence, the Rennes coach knows that the Norwegian rebound will be of no value in a new rotten week, as was the case two weeks ago. From there, to talk about the week with all the dangers, there is a step that some will venture to pass.

Nantes in each head

First of all, because Rennes will not be favored by Thursday night's predictions in Ukraine, where they will be deprived of Clément Grenier, Jakob Johansson and Edson Mexer, whose roles should not be neglected in search of such a complicated balance. Then, because the derby against Nantes is a token that can climb very high or fall very low, depending on the result. This derby, SRFC, did not lose it in five years. An invincibility of nine games that the Canaries have a fierce desire to stop. And even if Rennes has just won in Caen, even though the two clubs are linked to the points in the standings, the dynamics clearly speaks of Vahid Halilhodzic's troops, who have just linked four successes with fourteen goals. When we talk about danger …

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