As a member of the music competition jury, Viki Miljkovic, the singer has the pleasure of accepting competitors singing pop music. But there is nothing against the folk singer.

"I share music good and bad, and neither of us can declare a genre or a kind, there are good and bad moments in every genre, and in our branch there are phenomenal singers and musicians, as well as in the pop industry, but there is a kitsch and a shard in pop, rock and our country, "says the singer, who is revolted by stories that only the kind of music he plays has a pound and kitsch.

Vicki is of the opinion that there is now a thin line between pop and folk, because genres are mixed and there is no sharp division:

Everything is mixed now. Of course, there is a division, but not in terms of sustaining ourselves, we do not listen to each other. When there is someone who is of good quality, an excellent vocalist, then, of course, listen. There is a limit, but it has never been thinner between pop and folk than now, "says Viki, whom I met at singer Aleksandra Radovic's concert.

Miljkovic reveals that they have not cooperated so far, but that does not mean they will not. Vicki wants Alexander to work for her in the near future:

"I did not have the privilege and the happiness that so far has played the accompanying vowels, I'm sorry for that, Ivana Peters and Leontina sang me, the two are excellent performers," says the singer who was followed by pop stars with vowels accompanying.

saintRajko Ristic