Sunday , April 2 2023

ALL OF SERBIA UNDER WEATHER ALARM: RHMZ has issued a warning – here it will be the most critical due to the increase in the height of the snow layer


In hilly and mountainous areas, the formation, ie increasing the height of the snow layer by 15 to 30 cm.

Photo: Printscreen / RHMZ

As the temperature drops and the rain turns to snow in the lower parts of central and southern Serbia, a smaller layer of snow is expected to form in some places during the night.

On Sunday and Monday, snow everywhere, with the creation of an increase in the height of the snow layer and more precipitation is expected in the central and southern parts of our country, RHMZ announced.

Also in southern Serbia, snow will turn to rain in some places, which will then freeze to the ground in some places.

Photo: Printscreen / RHMZ

Therefore, a weather alarm will be set for the whole of Serbia on Sunday.

A yellow weather alarm will be in place in Bačka, Banat, Srem, Belgrade and Eastern Serbia, while elsewhere it will be orange.


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