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CECA RAŽNATOVIĆ About VERIDBI SINA: It's too early to become grandmother scene



November 16, 2018 14:02 |

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the popular star still summarizes the impressions and emotions from the belief of his son Veljko and his chosen one, Bogdana Rodić

FOLK, star Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic, continues to summarize the impressions and emotions of the belief of his Veljko and Bogdana Rodic. While still speculating about the details of the offer and the costume of the future singer from Cecina, the singer for the "Novosti" costume was a very emotional moment for her and that there was nothing better than attending such an act of two young people love.

"I think it's a wonderful time when two people want to turn their love in a way," says Ceca Raznatovic for our newspaper. – It was a very emotional moment for me as a mother, because in your face you see your child asking the girl he likes. I did not realize tears, I keep it for my children's wedding. When all members of the family hid themselves, they hid from him, the best ally Veljkov in this sister of Anastasia, who, with him, realized how everything would look. She went to dinner with Bogdan and surprised her. Then he called me and announced he had asked Bogdan.

I congratulated them and blamed them as soon as they got home. In the evening, as I read the portals, I laughed in all the voices she had secretly made.

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* When Veljko and Bogdan plan a wedding?

– It's too soon to talk about a wedding, I will definitely support my son in such a decision. According to him, there is no plan for that, and when the time comes, I will be the happiest mother in the world. They will celebrate a year of bonding in January, so it's time for the wedding.

* Do you agree with future navigation, which is special?

– It is very valuable, cultural and educational. Today these characteristics are very rare in humans, they are somehow underestimated. Bogdana is a wonderful family, her parents have taught all their life all the values ​​that can be brought home.

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* What kind of mother-in-law will you be?

– One day, when this time comes, I will try not to be too strict, but I will let them make their own decisions. They will always have my support and I think they can live their lives perfectly without any help.

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* Do you want to become a grandmother soon?

– As far as I'm concerned, he may have to wait a few years. Slowly, everything should come in his own time. It's too early to be a grandmother, now I'm the best. Women of my age begin to live only now, when their children grew up and when they were done in all segments of life. My time is coming (laughter).

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