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Corona virus: 34 more dead in Serbia, UK approves Moderna vaccine – BBC News in Serbian


First Covid-19 vaccination at a hospital in Saint-Etienne, France


As vaccination of health workers and the elderly continues in Serbia, the World Health Organization calls on European countries to do more to suppress the new variant of the corona virus, and the United States has a record number of deaths a day. for the third day in a row.

According to official data, in the last 24 hours, another 2,218 infected people have been registered in Serbia, and another 34 people have died, 3,513 since the beginning of the epidemic.

The UK has also approved a third vaccine for use – the US manufacturer Moderna, and the Australian city of Brisbane has imposed a three-day travel ban on the entire population as a hotel cleaning lady has been infected with a new strain of corona virus registered in the UK.

In the United States, more than 4,000 people died in a single day, a new black record, and in Brazil, more than 200,000 deaths have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, becoming the second largest country in the world. number of deaths.

More than 88 million people have been infected worldwide so far and more than 1.89 million have died. More than 49 million have been recovered, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

How Serbia fought the crown in 2020:

From the funniest virus to 300,000 infected.
British Broadcasting Corporation

What is happening in Serbia?

In the last 24 hours, another 34 people have died in Serbia and 3,513 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Another 11,068 samples were tested and 2,218 were newly infected.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 2.37 million people have been tested and a total of 356,125 positive cases have been registered.

There are 6,046 people in hospitals in Serbia and 215 patients with respiratory devices.

Srdja Jankovic, an immunologist and coronavirus suppression staff, told RTS that there was evidence that both vaccines – Pfizer and Russian Sputnik V – used in Serbia were effective and safe.

He added that the interval between two doses of vaccine should be at least three weeks, so that the body does not see them as a single dose and that protection against the virus is expected to last several years.

He explained that if someone already infected is vaccinated, the injection will not only have a big impact on the virus, but also that it cannot harm the body.

“People who are incubating when they are vaccinated still get sick.

“It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In some other diseases, we have had such an effect that if a person in incubation is vaccinated, the clinical picture will be attenuated.

“But we have no such evidence for coronavirus,” Srdja Jankovic said.



Secretary of State Mirsad Djerlek said that when between 1.4 and three million people are vaccinated, it can be said that “victory over the crown is near”.

He added that 720,000 people will be vaccinated in the first of three planned immunization phases.

He also announced that a large quantity of Russian Sputnik vaccine will arrive in Serbia in the second half of January – 500,000 doses, as well as “large quantities of Chinese vaccine”.

Djerlek says that every vaccine is good and that whatever citizens receive, he emphasizes, will not make a mistake.

“It simply came to our notice then. They are of very good quality and offer much stronger immunity than is acquired during self-infection, “said Djerlek.

Knez Mihailova Street in Belgrade


In short in the world:

  • Record number of deaths in SAD in one day – more than 4,000
  • WEAVE warns that current measures are clearly not enough to combat new coronavirus strains, despite the fact that 230 million Europeans live with some kind of restriction;
  • I provided another 300 million doses of Pfizer vaccine
  • UK approves the use of the Moderna vaccine, after Pfizer-Biontek and Oxford-AstraZeneca
  • Fajzer announced that its vaccine is also effective against 16 types of corona virus mutations
  • Greece extended the entry ban for citizens of Serbia and third countries until 21 January
  • Australian Brisbane introduces three-day quarantine over new coronavirus strain infection
  • More than 88 million people have been infected worldwide so far and more than 1.89 million have died. More than 49 million people have recovered, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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What is the situation in the region?

Countries in the region are experiencing a daily increase in the number of infected:

  • Croatia – 217,946 confirmed cases

So far, 4,304 people have died and 207,848 have recovered.

The President of Croatia, Zoran Milanović, received the vaccine and said: “People, get vaccinated, it’s better than getting sick.”

So far, 4,211 people have died and 81,779 have recovered.

So far, 2,947 people have died and 110,925 have recovered.

Slovenian authorities have extended the measures by at least another seven days, and schools will be closed until January 18.



To date, 2,581 people have died due to the consequences of the corona virus and 66,209 have recovered.

  • Kosovo – 52,943 confirmed cases

So far, 1,363 people have died and 44,436 have recovered.

712 people died and 41,117 people recovered.

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Viral mutations are common during a pandemic.
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How is the world?

Vaccination has started in a growing number of countries, but European Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that current measures are clearly not enough to combat new strains of coronavirus, despite the fact that 230 million Europeans live with some kind of restriction.

According to regional director Hans Kluge, the current situation could be a turning point, after which the increase in the number of cases will slow down or increase.

“The situation is serious.

“We are being asked to take new steps to improve national health services, which are already under enormous pressure,” he said.

Although, as Kluge noted, the new strain of the virus does not cause more severe symptoms, its increased transmission has led to a sharp increase in the number of cases.

However, the proposed measures remain the same: wear masks, limit social contacts, keep your distance from other people, wash your hands well and use common sense in particular.

All the above measures, as well as testing, quarantine and vaccination, should bear fruit if, of course, they are followed by each person and each country.

SAD recorded a new record number of deaths in a single day.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 4,000 people have died in the last 24 hours in America and more than 365,000 since the beginning of the pandemic – by far, most in the world.

The virus is spreading to several countries, and California is especially on the verge of extinction, the Associated Press said.

Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease expert, warns that the death toll will not fall in the near future.

He also noted that while the UK had applied quarantine to stop the spread of the new highly transferable option, it saw “no enthusiasm” for similar national restrictions in the United States, although it appears that this new option is still being passed on. more there.

It is the second country in the world in terms of the number of deaths Brazil, where more than 200,000 deaths have been reported so far.

A new variant of the corona virus circulating in South Africa it is now found in other countries.

The South African variant – called 501.V2 – differs from the other newly discovered variant “Kent” that scientists have analyzed in the UK.

Both variants appear to be more contagious, but there is currently no evidence to suggest that any of the mutant viruses cause more serious disease.

Although changes to the new variant found in the UK are unlikely to jeopardize the effectiveness of current vaccines, there is a chance that those in the South African version will do so to some extent, scientists say.

It is too early to say for sure or for how long, until the completion of several tests, although it is extremely likely that mutations in the vaccine will make it useless.

But even in the worst case, vaccines can be updated in just a few weeks or months to fit them better, experts say.

Company Fajzer said on Friday that his study showed that his vaccine also acts on major mutations in a new highly transmissible strain of the virus discovered in the UK and South Africa.

Research has shown that the vaccine is effective in neutralizing the virus with the so-called “N501Y” mutation, Reuters reports.

The study, conducted by Pfizer and scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch, was conducted based on people who were vaccinated, but is limited because it does not take into account all types of mutations found in the new strain of the virus.

One of the study’s authors, Phil Dormitzer, said the vaccine is effective against 16 types of mutations.

Fajzer-Biontek and Oxford-AstraZenek vaccines, UK On Friday, approved the use of a third – by the American manufacturer Moderna.

It has been announced that a total of 17 million doses of modern vaccine will be ordered, which is said to be effective in 94% of cases.

In the capital Japan – Tokyo, as in other cities, has been declared a state of emergency, which will be in force for a month.

The decision was made after a significant increase in the number of infected – in just one day there were 7,000 cases.

Although Japan has fewer cases of infection than many other countries, there were almost 2,500 cases in Tokyo on Thursday alone.

Quarantines have also been introduced Hebei Chinese Province, where about 50 million people live, Israel Lebanon, Ukraine as well as Canadian province of Quebec.

Number of vaccines


The Australian city of Brisbane introduced a three-day quarantine for a single case of infection.

A hotel cleaning lady was infected with a new strain of the corona virus, so local authorities immediately took action for fear that it could spread quickly.

In the first wave of the pandemic, there were not many cases of infection in Brisbane.

The lock is planned for five populated places in the Queensland state capital.

“I think everyone in Queensland … knows what’s going on in the UK and other countries around the world where infection rates are high with this new strain,” she said.

“And we do not want to see what is happening here in our great country,” said Prime Minister Anastasia Palaschuk.

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