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Djilas moved DS from Terazije | policy


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November 8, 2018, 16:01

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Zoran Lutovac transferred the party headquarters to the Alliance for Serbia

Democrats are increasingly dissatisfied with the latest actions of party leader Zoran Lutovac who first decided to hand over Terazije party number 3 Dragan Djilas and the Alliance for Serbia and then boycott the elections in Kula, Kladovo and Doljevac, although there are strong local committees .

Democrats were not officially expelled from Terazije's offices, which have been the basis of the party's governing board since its inception, but in practice there are virtually no DS features, but only SzS, whose officials use these meeting rooms daily .

A large number of Democrat officials are angry at Lutovac and because it is unclear whether renting this area, which DS rents out of the city, will continue to be paid by the party or will assume the Alliance's obligations.

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They believe that this move represents another step towards the complete drowning of DS in the Djilas Alliance, thus interpreting the decision not to enter the next elections in three municipalities where it has good infrastructure and a significant number of members.

In addition, they also shocked the decision to appear in the Lučani elections, where DS should stand before Dvera for the president, and the Democrats in recent days comment that Lutovac turns them into physical workers of Dragan Đilas and Bosko Obradović. "

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