Monday , March 20 2023

END: The Future – Partizan 75:71 | basket-ball


20:22 –

Black and White missed the first attack in the fourth division, Barovic highlights the missile, and Lendale returns Partizan from the penalty line two points ago – 56:54, 32 minutes. Marinkovic loses after the break and Erl Clark corrects his failure at 58:54 in the 33rd minute. Trinkerii demanded an autumn time, Jankovic had to leave the parquet because of the hives injuries. Gordic points from discovery after Paige's failure by three. Zagorac hits an important troika for the guests – 60:57, 34 minutes. Nikolic after the offensive jump gets points for the future.

After Paige's penetration, Erl Clark scored points with a foul, hit and kick extra. Zagorac is wrong in the exit, Nikolić hits the trophy for 58:59, Zagorac returns – 68:62, 36 minutes. Jankovic returned to the parquet. Danilo Nikolic makes an unsportsmanlike offensive in the attack on Aleksej Nikolic. Partizan from the penalty kick receives one of two throws. Nikolic's ball comes out of the basket after a three-point shot – 68:63, 37 minutes.

Danilo Nikolic is halfway down the penalty line. Referees have lost the chance to play a foul over Siamese after the break, but instead gave the host a goalie, which after Jackson's point went to plus eight – 71:63 – 38 minutes. Landale scored points after an offensive jump. Marinkovic retains his first three in the 39th minute, Ivanovic returns with the same measure – 74:68, 39th minute. Blacks and whites lose the ball after escaping to Lendale, Erl Clark, with a penalty kick from the penalty kick, brings Budućnost in a triumph – 75:68, 55 seconds before the end. Marinkovic is half of the free throw line. He sets the final result of the match – 75:71.

20:02 –

Omic is halfway from the criminal line, Gagic with four points and Si in counter-attack Partizan return to a single delay at the opening of the second half – 41:36, 14 minutes. Gordic (troika) and Jackson (with politeness) turn the future to the plus 10. Jankovic hits the troika, Clark returns the same way – 49:39, 16 minutes. Janković is in a series of five consecutive points (triple and basket with half field) – 49:44, 17 minutes. Barovic breaks the mini-series of guests from the free throw line (2/2).

Nikolic hits the troika over Zagorac and returns home for a two-point advantage 54:44, 29 minutes. Paige returns to the troika after the Trinkery race. Black and White defended the attack, Paige scored again in three – 54:50. Marinkovic hits half the time at the end of the third period – 54:52.

19:26 –

After two missed attacks on both sides, Jankovic scored the first points of the match 26:18, 13 minutes. Nikolic and Ivanovic keep the future in a two-digit addition on the other – 30:20, 15 minutes. Gagic from penalties (2/4) and Marinkovic with penetration points, bring Partizan to minus four (30:26, 16 minutes). Mini Series of Guests 6: 0 points from a rack interrupted by Clark. Zagorac scored points after an offensive jump, Jackson hit again two throws – 34:28, 18 minutes.

Gagic brings the rocket points to black and white to minus four. The guests also had two attacks to further reduce the number of delays but lost Marinkovic (for three) and Gagić (politely) punishing Barovic with rocket points – 36:30. Trinkerii searches for 58 seconds before the end of the half. Nikolic loses for three, Barovic is half of the penalty line. You are missing for three, and Gordic, with more than half of the field, gives a basket on board for a two-point advantage at the end of the first half – 40:30.

19:12 –
The first trimester

The Partizan match begins with Petar Pejdž, Marinković, Si, Jankovic and Gagić. Jankovic's trio brings black and white the initial advantage. Omic from the penalty line scored the first points for the home team. After Paige's penetration rate, Šehovici's trio brings the first equalization. Return the trio 8: 5, 3 minutes. Start Series 9: 0 go to six plus, Trinkjeri seeks self-timing. The game is Zagorac, which has a protective mask.

Jankovic breaks Buducnost's series after the offensive jump. Erl Klark keeps the penalty points in Podgorica on six plus – 18:12, 8 minutes. Clark achieved the sixth point in the current round of the match for the highest plus eight eighth. The Montenegrin, with those points in the criminal line (Jackson 2/2, Barovic 1/2) is approaching two plush figures 23:14, 9 minutes.

Blacks and whites are in an offensive crisis (Janković's footsteps, Zagorac's wrong calculation), Clark triples a guest mistake for 26:14 at the end of the first quarter, ending with a two-digit victory – 26:16 , after Nikolic's throw.

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