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Energy? She is also training


The man who brought Pioneer to his feet: Energy? She is also training

That's not what we wanted to count. He embraced us. Responding to his ears as a deafening noise in the Pioneer tribune, when the audience made it to battle ovations. It's four times Aleksi Nikolic pronounced the word "energy" after Partizan's victory over Cibona to fictionally describe what led the crew crew over the last month to show in three related games that there was still blood in it. I – energy.

It was best seen in seven minutes and 20 seconds, from the end of the first and the beginning of the second quarter when they were black and white, mainly due to the approach of the warriors and its terrifying performancethree triplets and two plans at that time) made a 25: 0 series. He does not see her every day. Just like the game of former basketball players from Sarajevo Spars and Brose Bamberg.
"I do not like when I have to sing, but always when I try to bring energy to the parquet. We need that against Cibona, because we had a bad start to meet. It had to melt. There were also Zagorac and Gegić, the other boys on the bench were overwhelmed, which made us stand up. When we receive the ovations, we all feel and play better"Calmly commented on the Slovenian game as if the most abnormal phenomenon in the world was to raise 7,000 people from the chair by throwing the ball and (i) throwing the ball into the basket.

But in Partizan, it would be a struggle, as he says Novica Veličković, it should be assumed. It's not just the detail the public admits, but it's enough to help the team when it's not. And it did not go from the start, when the Croatian giant "opened" the match with 12: 0 and 23: 8.
"We should not go through our mind at the start of the game," will we go out? "I was quite quiet, like the other guys." There was no panic. "We did not go into a good rhythm, however, we knew what we needed." "Energy," eventually, thanks to her, we reversed the game.

The logical question – where does it draw: learn, receive or just come from the stands?
"It's always a good atmosphere when the fans sing before the game, you get an adrenaline It's easier We know what partisans and fans say we are aware and we have to take responsibility Energy is being taught How do you work on training, so you play? "

Nikolic played the first half of the podium and scored 14 points with a winner. With four more balls stolen.
"I'm trying to be as aggressive as I can, I have to play, I have to play the team, come play to me, as they say," go with the flow ". At the same time, pI'm trying to shut up when I'm open. It is important to find each other, we seek the coach. "

A Andrea Trinkijeri he was extremely critical, despite his third consecutive victory. It is also clear to the Italian strategist that oscillations are one of the most obvious problems of his composition.
"We got used to him and him. We are slowly entering the system. However, we both worked for Bamber for three years. It's easier, I know what I'm waiting for, I'm trying to explain to my teammates what they're looking for. It is necessary, but this will make us better. He's a top coach, we have to follow him. Perhaps in Partizan I have a different role than in Bamberg and the national team of Slovenia, but I am not burdened, doing what is necessary for me. I can do better. I can always. Everything comes with trainingHe finished Alexei Nikolic, the driving force of the Adriatic-grade steam roller.

We can not be beautiful

Partizan's heavyweight match series continues on Wednesday, hosting Zenit in St. Petersburg, next week's schedule is a duel with Buducnost and Podgorica, two extremely demanding matches in "Pionir" against Valencia and Red Star.
"It's nice to win, this has given us confidence, although our game is far from what we want. We will have to do much to be more competitive with the stronger teams. We must not be afraid of anyone. We are young and inexperienced, but this energy can be our main asset"He thinks Aleksi Nikolic.

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