Saturday , May 28 2022

Gagi is supposed to have harassed Luna's dog and then spoke with the following words (PHOTO) telegraph


In the announcement of the new episodes of "Paparazzo Hunt," there was a video showing where Gagi Djogani harassed the Loli dog on the street. Following these allegations, Denser made an announcement about Instagram and explained what had happened.

– Since I'm obviously interesting to my neighbors, so I shoot myself as I walk on the dog and then advertise it as a shocking novelty, I feel the need to clarify that announcement from the next "Paparazzo Hunt" … Loli has been with me for a long time. If it did not work, it would have taken me a long time ago. That night, he wanted to play and hurry with me. It was cold and I thought it was 15 minutes. He did not believe that, and in the next half hour I tried to catch her if I could not bring her home. When I eventually succeeded, I lifted him up for the skin on my throat (surely see the cows raise their young and smaller dogs) and hit him with a sniffer like a punishment that they will not do it in the future. Not because it's hard for me to run, but because it can run under the car. And that's all. So there was no abuse. And yes, hello to the neighbors – he wrote Gagi on his profile and published a photo with Loli.

Gagi Djogani and step Loli Printskrin: Instagram / gagidjogani

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