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He stole 30,000 CDs!

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Angry as a laugh … Elma Sinanovic

In fact, in 2000 Elma signed a contract for "Grand". It is literally said that the money in the sold album "Hand of Justice" will be paid to his hands. The contract also stipulates that the singer will receive six percent of the CD and video cassette sales, however she claims that the money has never been seen.

– In the contract for the Hand of Justice album, we agreed to issue and pay six per cent of the sale. He never paid me anything, he did not sell anything. I sued him for a scam for the contract we're talking about now. He called me in a fraud because he wanted a lawsuit, so I had a conversation with my husband, along with him and his lawyer. He said, "Do not lose him in court, we'll make a dilapidated, I'll make you a new CD, I'll pay all the expenses." He lied to me, I pulled the process. I'm so naive, "Elma explained, who, in her opinion, was confused and then said Popovic owed her 30,000 marks.

As for his allegations that I sold 87 CDs, I will tell you that my extended family has more than 87 people

– He asked my husband for 30,000 marks for the first CD, because it was a risky edition and the story started: "We do not know how it will pass, we'll take you 30,000 marks, so if you sell it, you will return, if not, to protect us. " I gave her money in cash, she did not give an account, everything went well, "the singer said, and continued:

Dara went through hell: it was the most painful period in my life! Sinanovic

Album released for Grand …

– People know I'm a very decent and decent person. She asks me why I was not on stage. Well, I did not withdraw, I was revoked by Sasa Popovic because of this trial I filed. I did not get anywhere. I'm afraid something will happen to me, it's a fraud. He never told me, "I can not pay you now, but I'll make you public." Every time I go to him, he says, "You grew fat, you did not hit," Elma said, and commented Popovic's claims that album sales were weak.

– As for his allegations that I sold 87 CDs, I will tell you that my extended family has more than 87 people. I want to tell everyone publicly that it's a fraud because he lied, beat, broke, and then I did not appear anywhere. I'm dating Sime in Switzerland, and he calls me and says, "You can not play with me." I ask why he tells me, "Sasha said that," Elma said, visibly disturbed by the Serbian telegraph.

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Saša Popović …

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